Century-old institution that represents the interests of the maritime transport, providing advice, information and training.
About Us

Centro de Navegación is a non-profit civil entity representing the interests of maritime transport in Argentine waters and ports. Founded in 1900, it brings together companies related to transport, logistics and ports, providing advice, information, representation and academic training in order to improve competitiveness and efficiency of foreign trade within our country.


The general purpose of the Centro de Navegación is the promotion of navigation between Argentina and the rest of the world.

It develops different specific purposes, such as the optimization of operational conditions, the modernization of both legislative and documentary aspects as well as port and logistics infrastructure, investment promotion, unification of maritime procedures, spreading of information on the sector, advice and academic training aimed at encouraging a greater economic growth.


Centro de Navegación develops, since its beginnings and on a continuous basis, actions tending to simplify port and service operations, take steps before national and international public bodies and companies within the sector.

This Centro daily communicates its members on the latest news, regulations and legislative resolutions affecting the activity. It also gives them the opportunity to be represented before the most important authorities of the bodies related to the sector in order to present their concerns and initiatives.


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By-laws modification (22-12-16)

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Code of Ethics

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Centro de Navegación
537 Florida st, 20th Floor, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Ph. +54 11 3220 1777